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You would be lost without your eyes. Literally.

But often you don’t address eye issues until it’s too late. Your kids struggle in school. You suffer headaches at work.

At CLASIK Vision Care we will help your entire family maintain optimal eye health and get the right prescription lenses, so you can see clearly and enjoy life to its fullest.

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Dr Jones is very knowledgeableThe staff is very friendly and efficientGreat place for all your eye care needs
Randy Gibbs
Randy Gibbs
02:37 18 Jul 24
I have really enjoyed going here for my eye care. The staff and doctor are knowledgeable and friendly, and I have received great care. I would highly recommend this to others.
Cathy Sherbrooke
Cathy Sherbrooke
00:58 18 Jul 24
We visited Clasik Vision today and the entire staff went above and beyond for me and my 9 year old son. The doctor and the support staff patiently answered all of our questions and were kind and compassionate as we explored all our options. I was very pleased with how our appointment went. Highly recommend.
Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed
00:10 18 Jul 24
I just got my glasses faster then I have ever in the last 5 years. Amy in the queen creek office was a joy to have my experience with and I will now start going here for all my eye wear.
daniel shadd
daniel shadd
03:01 17 Jul 24
Great experience for my first visit here.
Deb Carnes
Deb Carnes
23:58 16 Jul 24
Excellent doctors and staff. Got me in quickly when I had an eye issue. The exams are very thorough and informative. Definitely recommend.
Laurel Makula
Laurel Makula
17:12 13 Jul 24
I have been coming to Classic Vision 7 years ever since we move to AZ.Staff are professional and caring.
Muzaffer Altin
Muzaffer Altin
13:49 13 Jul 24
Everyone was very helpful and extremely nice. We had a great experience there, so much so my daughter is excited to go back.
Analysa Lewis
Analysa Lewis
00:05 11 Jul 24
I have used Clasik Vision Care for 8 years now. They have always been very helpful and given me very good care especially when I needed cataract surgery. They referred me to a wonderful cataract doctor. Their staff is extremely kind, pleasant and helpful. I bought new glasses and sunglasses today. The employee worked very hard to help me find something I liked, that looked good, and was reasonably priced. Keep up the good work Clasik
Aline Pearson
Aline Pearson
19:41 10 Jul 24
Been seeing Dr.Jones for a 2 years now she is wonderful and always is very thorough in her exams. Rest of the staff is also very helpful and professional
Shandra Chambers
Shandra Chambers
21:51 09 Jul 24
CLASIK VISION In San Tan Valley is a very nice boutique eye vision store. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It was busy when I went in today, but they made sure that all the customers were taken care of right away. The doctor is also friendly, takes his time to find out all your needs, and does a careful job with the exam. They don’t have a large selection of frames, but what they do have is very trendy and quality. I would recommend CLASIK Vision.
Jennifer Raines
Jennifer Raines
21:35 09 Jul 24
The girls were very friendly , dr jones was just awesome
Rawda Abdallah
Rawda Abdallah
01:20 09 Jul 24

eye care services

Complete Eye Exams:

A comprehensive eye exam includes a visual evaluation as well as an ocular health evaluation. The aspects of the examination that our office provides: complete medical and ocular history, glaucoma screening, visual field screening, visual acuities, biomicroscopy, topography, refraction and slit lamp exam. Our Doctors may also dilate your eyes to check for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases and systemic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes.  The great news is you can opt for our optomap imaging that gives a retinal exam without the hassle of the dilation.
Our Doctors will review all findings of each patient’s vision and eye health, and give a customized recommendation of treatment options based on those findings. Yearly eye exams are important to have to help protect the health and maintain the vision of your eyes.
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Glasses & Contact Lenses:

The wrong prescription lenses can cause all sorts of issues, including painful headaches and dry eyes.

Your prescription needs can change before you realize it…so don’t wait for your eyes to tell you have a problem.

Our experienced team will get make sure your prescription is right. We have a huge selection of fashionable glasses frames to choose from and a wide range of contact lens options. Find the perfect fit for your eyes.

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Keratoconus Fitting and Evaluation

Keratoconus is an uncommon condition in which the cornea, the clear front part of the eye, becomes thinned. The cornea, normally round takes the shape of a cone. This condition requires a specialized fit and contact lens. Our Doctors have expertise in this area due to numerous fits on past keratoconic patients.

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Corneal Refractive Therapy: Orthokeratology

Ortho-K is a process which specially designed rigid contact lenses are worn overnight to gradually reshape the cornea. This gives you clear vision throughout the day. The effect of the lenses is temporary, usually lasting about 1 day, so the lenses must be worn each night. Our Doctors are able to fit these types of lenses.

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Pediatric Eye Exams

All children should have an eye examination by age of 3, and even earlier if indicated. Our Doctors have all the equipment needed to give a thorough pediatric examination.

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Contact Lens Medical Evaluation

A contact lens is a medical device and requires special fitting and assessment. Our Doctors will examine your eyes for the best contact lens fit and contact lens material. Contact lens patients need to be examined annually. Our Doctors have experience in working with custom contact lens fitting for toric lenses, bifocal correction, monovision, higher levels of astigmatism, keratoconus or corneal transplant patients, and well as more conventional fittings.

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Urgent Eye Care:

An eye emergency is any red eye, any trauma to eye (abrasions or foreign bodies), sudden onset of eye pain, sudden loss of vision, diplopia (double vision), swollen eyelids (styes), new onset flashes of light/floaters.
Our Doctors can handle all of these types of emergent cases and are licensed to prescribe both topical and oral medications to treat eye diseases. Our Doctors are licensed to diagnose and manage all of these types of emergent cases. We are able to refer to a surgeon if needed. If you have an eye emergency after hours, please leave a message on our phone and on of our Technicians or Doctors will get back to you.

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case study: struggling at school

Eighth grade is a tough time for kids, so Melanie’s parents didn’t think too much of it when her grades started to suffer. They were concerned, of course, so they got her a tutor for algebra and started monitoring her homework more carefully. But nothing really changed.

It wasn’t until she came in for an eye exam that everybody realized what was really going on.

Melanie knew she was having some problems seeing the board at school. She was afraid that she’d have to wear glasses, so she didn’t tell anybody.

Melanie had developed myopia (short-sightedness) and needed corrective lenses. Since she was embarrassed to wear glasses, her parents got her contacts instead.

After getting contacts, things have gotten much easier for Melanie. Her grades have started to improve and the contacts let her see clearly without impacting her appearance.

myths about eye care

“I can see fine. So I don’t need to go to the eye doctor.”
It’s not true. Changes to your vision start small and they happen so gradually that you probably won’t notice. Plus, annual eye exams can identify other issues with your vision and help discover emerging diseases or conditions before they do extensive damage. See your optometrist every year, regardless of how well you think you can see.

“Wearing your sister’s glasses will ruin your eyes…”
This is also not true…but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Wearing the wrong prescription will give you a headache and possibly make you dizzy. So we don’t recommend it. But it won’t do any permanent damage to your eyes.

“Back up! You’re too close to the TV. You’re going to hurt your eyes. ”
This is another myth that moms have been spreading for years, but there’s no evidence to support it. Watching TV will make your eyes tired, though. So take a break once in a while. Maybe go for a walk. Your eyes will thank you.

who we are

The goal of our practice is to provide the highest quality vision care and ocular disease management and treatment. We practice primary care optometry in a professional setting that emphasizes the importance of patient education. This includes the effective diagnosis, treatment and management of ocular disease and refractive disorders.

Our Doctors and Staff are committed to providing our patients with excellent customer service and compassionate personal attention based on your eyecare needs. We will take the time to answer all of your questions, keeping you informed, confident and comfortable.


Dr. Darcy Jones


Dr. Brittany Warner


Dr. Daniel Blanco


Dr. Justin D. Jones


In Loving Memory…

The late Dr. Jordan Dirk Rothlisberger, 34, returned to his heavenly home on May 19, 2020, leaving a legacy of love that impacted everyone who knew him. Born in Mesa, Ariz., to Teri and John Rothlisberger, Jordan spent his childhood in St Johns, Ariz., where he was active in Academic Decathalon and played on the high school baseball team before graduating as Valedictorian. He then began his education at Brigham Young University before serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Melbourne, Australia, teaching the gospel he loved so much in Mandarin Chinese.

Upon returning to BYU, he met and married his queen, Jen, in the Manti, Utah temple and they began their family while he pursued his undergraduate degree in business management. He graduated Cum Laude in 2011 and then attended Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn. While there, he was selected as a Student Ambassador and was honored with the Outstanding Clinician Award and the Drs. Fred & Charlene Burnett Student Research Award. After graduating in 2015, the now Dr. Rothlisberger returned to his native Arizona to realize his dream of helping others through better vision, eventually purchasing Clasik Vision Care in San Tan Valley as well as working at Premier Eyecare in Gilbert since 2015.

Jordan was an instant friend to everyone he met and brought light and laughter to all who knew him. He leaves behind his loving wife and four children as well as his parents and three siblings in addition to hundreds of those whom he loved, taught and shined as an example to. His testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ impacted many here on Earth and is still impacting those he is now teaching on the other side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these floating spots in my eyes normal?
Most “floaters” (gray or black spots or strings that you see when you move your eyes) are completely normal. They tend to increase with age and are harmless. But if you notice a rapid increase in floaters you should contact your optometrist right away, as it could be a sign of a more serious condition.
Can I swim or shower with contacts in my eyes?
We recommend against it. They could fall out and if they do it will be nearly impossible to find them. Plus, the contacts could become contaminated with germs or chemicals in the water that could hurt your eyes. It’s safer to just take them out.
What causes “dry eyes”?
Dry eye is a result of tear ducts that don’t hydrate your eyes sufficiently, resulting in a scratching, burning or stinging sensation. If you suffer chronic dry eye, come in for a checkup. There are effective treatments available.

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